Pieces of Heaven

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Happiness Abounds

It's a little after 10 PM and I should be in bed recovering...but I am just too ridiculously happy right now! For the past three days, I've felt as if I had a cement block on my chest due to the asthma/respitory infection...and not 20 minutes ago, I felt it lift off of my chest! Someone is praying for me. Thank You, Lord! Now, to finish my jasmine-lemon tea with honey and sleep. Tomorrow is Joseph's birthday, and I've got some serious cake baking and decorating that needs attention in the morning.

We are moving the party to Saturday, so I'm going to buy a small pre-made cake or cupcake for tomorrow- because the big cake will be reserved for the party. I can't wait!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My Little Monkey

It's hard to believe I haven't had time to write and it's almost been a month!
Today, I'm ill, so I stayed home from work. I caught some sort of respitory infection that has activated my long dormant asthma- resulting in me puffing on my inhaler, taking Nyquil, and drinking absurd amounts of jasmine-lemon tea, slurping down honey to soothe a scratchy and sore throat and eating a lot of chicken soup. It seems that as long as I lie still in bed or I sit, I'm fine- but if I move at all I begin wheezing and coughing, and sinus pressure increases. However, I've never been very good at being sick. I don't like staying in bed and watching movies or reading when I feel like I should be playing with the baby or cooking or going to work...something besides lying in bed.
So, the past two hours, I've been looking up buttercream frosting recipes and daydreaming about streamers and birthday cake. Why? Because Friday is my little one's first birthday, and I don't want to be sick for it!
Last week, my husband and I (and baby) were running errands and I found the cutest monkey cake pan- and thus- we've decided to have a monkey-themed party.
Grant it, it's not going to be a big party- just family- but I want to make it special. It's so unbelievable to me that one year ago, the most amazing gift God has ever trusted me with, was born. Fred and I had wanted a little one for what seemed like such a long time- and then, miracles of miracles, he had arrived.
And in that moment when I first looked at that baby, the pain- the memories of his legs getting stuck under my ribs, being kicked all through the night, and the fear I had when he had been in distress just minutes before, vanished.
And there he was. Perfect.
It's been an amazing year- and Joseph has brought us such joy.
Anyway, that is why I'm going to attempt this monkey cake. It seems a little bit daunting (I don't consider myself to be a fantastic cake decorator) but I'm excited to do it. We decided we're going to go with a vanilla cake, and then we will need chocolate buttercream and plain buttercream frosting, and colors to tint the icing, as well. I even bought those frosting bags with the flower and star shaped tips on the end. This will certainly be an adventure, and I'll be sure to post pictures of my little monkey with his monkey cake, soon!
And, when things are a bit calmer, I'm hoping to blog on a more regular basis.