Pieces of Heaven

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Special Intention

Please pray for our Confirmandi tonight and tomorrow- rehearsal tonight- and Confirmation tomorrow! And please pray for me, that I direct the rehearsal clearly and well and address all last minute concerns and questions to the satisfaction of the parents and candidates. I can't believe the Bishop is coming tomorrow!!!

I'm hoping to get back to a more regular blogging schedule after May 2nd...and then I'll be preparing for a First Eucharist celebration with our Second Graders.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Saturday List

Today I'm thankful that I did not chop off my hair- I WILL grow it out! :) I went to the salon and had the ends trimmed- and was really happy that my stylist said the next time I go in for a trim (in about six weeks) all of the dyed hair will be gone. SO excited.

I'm thankful that I found a dress to wear to Confirmation and matching jewelry- and did not spend a fortune to do it.

I'm thankful that my hubby and I went to Big Lots and put together a fun Easter basket (well...bucket) for Joseph. A chocolate bunny, a book, a ball, sidewalk chalk and a few other little treasures. AND- we finally bought him a booster seat. I think this will make meal time a much happier time!

I'm thankful for my husband- (as always)...

And I'm thankful to feel Baby Q moving. Amazing.

Hopefully, I'll have more to time to write in the next few days.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Yesterday I was tutoring two third grade students who are preparing to make their First Holy Communion. Before our session officially began, I had enlisted Fr. E to give the kids a tour of the church. After all, in studying the Eucharist one must have a good knowledge of the Mass- (which he explained as he brought them around the church.)

Anyway, Fr.E was telling them how they could tell the difference between Catholic and Protestant churches, namely, that you would find a crucifix in a Catholic Church, and a cross in a Protestant church. He then went on to explain that one would always find the Stations of the Cross in a Catholic church, unless they did not have enough room for all of the stations, which meant the twelfth station (Jesus Dies on the Cross) would be the only one included.

At this point, one of the little boys turns to look at me and says, "So in other words, Fr. is saying that there are lots of cakes, but only one pie." (All the other stations are important, but the twelfth is the most important.) I don't think I had laughed so hard in a LONG time! I'm going to have to remember that saying!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Safety Net

I'm thankful that my husband and I don't "have to" talk- that a simple hug makes everything better.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Thoughtful Words

Today I'm thankful for a surprise e-mail from one of my former high school students. This e-mail was sent because her college professor told her she should thank the teacher who taught her to write well- and apparently that is me! It was nice to hear from her- and something that really touched my heart after everything that we've been going through. I don't think students realize how much they they can also affect their teachers- and how much the students end up teaching them. Thank you Lord, for this blessing- and for giving me the gifts that were needed to help this student. May her skills forever glorify You!

Saturday, April 9, 2011


As I was sitting in the rectory this morning during Liturgy Committee meeting, and we were planning all of the events for Holy Week- my stomach began to rumble, and visions of golden fries and chocolate milkshakes danced through my head. And as the discussions and planning continued, all I could think about was steak.

I was so relieved at the conclusion of the meeting when I could come home and fix something to eat- which ended up to be fishsticks and tater tots. NOT healthy at all, but the meal satisfied my weird pregnancy craving!

As of late, it has been difficult for me to focus on much of anything...besides my increased appetite, and my work. I grow so frustrated at times because it is difficult for me (with this particular job) to just focus on prayer, or Mass. When I'm able, I go to Sunday Mass in a different town with my family just to avoid having work conversations. I feel like people don't understand that I have a family, or a life, outside of my job.

Spiritual life bleeds into work- work bleeds into family- and as much as I appreciate the volunteers, I would like to meet people that are our age so we could socialize and make friends for our babies. But when would we have the time, even if that were possible?

I wish it were possible to set up boundaries- to compartmentalize different areas of my life- just to have a feeling of space and relief- to be able to forget about just one of the components for a little while. I can't even go grocery shopping without someone recognizing me and asking me questions about CCD!

I pray that something will happen soon so that my husband will be employed. I am even willing to move again, out of state. I wish we could start fresh- get our own place again...that if I had to work, I wouldn't have to have the position that I'm in now. I miss teaching immensely- and I don't feel like being an administrator is my particular calling, even if I can do it well- and I would prefer not to be "known." It seems like everyone knows who I am and knows things about me, and yet, I don't even know who they are! I suppose that goes along with the job when you are in charge of a ministry...and perhaps that is part of the burden. But I miss the days when I could walk around anonymously- when I could just let go and relax.

I feel as if I haven't even had time to really enjoy my pregnancy because of all the issues that have been surrounding our family as of late. I crave simplicity. I crave silence- and I pray that with this Easter Season, that even if the Lord does not grant that my husband finds a job, that he will give us the strength to resign to his will. Truthfully, I don't feel like I have much strength left. Only God can suffice.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Fr. Mike

One of the most amazing priests from my alma mater is about to retire in June. While I was shocked at the news, it made me reflect on how much he has helped me to grow closer to Christ, for which I am eternally grateful.

Fr. Mike was my spiritual director during my senior year- and I credit the success of my year to him. He encouraged me to pursue teaching (while I was trying to discern whether or not to go to graduate school and whether or not to be a missionary), prayed for and with me, and SHOWED me that God truly loved me as his daughter. I had never understood the fatherly love that God had for me until I met him. (And of course, I still don't fully understand- but my soul senses it!)

The last time I heard from Fr. Mike was three years ago- a personal phone call when my sister passed away. I was always touched that he did that- especially with such a demanding schedule- and especially since he ministered to so many students.

Thank you, Jesus for the gift of a priest who truly loves you and loves his vocation. I really do think that those who embrace what God wants for them become, "...a pencil in the hand of God, writing his love letter to the world..." -Mother Teresa.

I am also thankful that today is Friday-

That yesterday I had the chance to play with Joseph outside.

That my volunteers are so resilient- especially C.

That my husband wore a suit to the job fair- he was so handsome! :)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Copying Machines As A Path Out Of Purgatory

1. I'm thankful for the copier in my office. It staples, makes double sided copies, scans and collates...(when it isn't jamming, running low on toner or creating some other sort of mischief-)but in all seriousness- this Lent it has acted up more than Joseph when he throws a temper tantrum. My assistant and I often say that this machine is our ticket out of Purgatory. But, I'm beginning to think this is true! (And I'm beginning to have a desire to watch Office Space.)

2. I'm thankful I purchased 400 unfilled Easter Eggs for $19.82. Thank you, Big Lots. I'm also thankful that I have four sweet volunteers who will fill those eggs.

3. I'm thankful that my boss is letting me be at home for two hours today so my husband can make it to a job fair.

4. I'm thankful for a long overdue phone call that I will have on Saturday! :)

5. I'm thankful for lotion. The Vermont winter has dried out my hands immensely, and they're just beginning to be restored to their former state.

6. I'm thankful for having time to play with Joseph after work yesterday, and that when I ask, "Joseph, where's the baby?" he says "Da baabaa???" and pats my belly.

7. I'm thankful my husband is understanding of my crazy pregnancy mood swings.

8. I'm thankful that Baby Q was kicking at work yesterday- it made me smile.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I was thankful that:

It was our LAST Religious Ed. Class for the year. I am breathing a huge sigh of relief!

That our monthly staff meeting is over.

That the most difficult parent I had to deal with all year has decided that he loves me- I NEVER thought that would happen!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Sunday Somethings

Yesterday I was thankful for: (In no particular order-)

1. People adoring my son even though he was being so LOUD during Mass.
2. J.M.'s 80th birthday and birthday party- a classy and holy man!
3. Joseph eating a pretzel stick whilst wearing a bowl on his head and a striped shirt-he looked like he came right out of the Little Rascals.
4. Red rose lollipops made by the Carmelites.
5. The UpZing! (A comfy hairclip).
7. Watching a movie with my love.
8. My husband's arms- he always knows how to hold me so I feel safe.
9. "Rose" NOT pink, colored vestments.
10. Holy Eucharist.
11. Solanus Casey. LOVE HIM.
12. 45 degree weather.
13. My dad taking care of Joseph for a while at the party so I could eat my dinner!
14. "At least I made it to 60- you don't even know if you're going to make it yet!"
15. M. watching baby so we could run to Walmart.

This morning:

A purple and blush striped sky- a love note from God for me.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Sacred Showers

Today's good things- (so far...)

1. Sleeping in until 7:45 AM.
2. Our fluffy, old family cat, Gabriel, who has taken to following me around everywhere and insists on being held. (I suppose at age 13, he has the right to feel that way- especially with Charlie and my son constantly chasing him!)
3. A long, hot shower that helped me to unwind.
4. My Nivea "Touch of Happiness" Body Wash.
5. Silence, except for running water.
6. Time to clear my head, and to be alone.
7. My husband watching Joseph so I could take the shower.

Today's missions: (In not particular order-)

1. Finding a pregnancy yoga DVD to help my muscles relax and to help ME relax.
2. Finding time to read my book.
3. Spending time with Joe-Joe outside.
4. Grocery Shopping.
5. Hopefully having a dinner date with my love.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Winter in my Heart

Outside my window, it is snowing again. The green patches that had previously began to grow and the tulips which had begun to sprout are now covered with a white film.
Often, the weather reflects my mood, and it does so again today.
I feel bleak, lifeless and dark.
Something happened this week (and I will spare you the details as I don't want to risk going into an adolescent rant) that really shattered the way I see things- and I really don't think there's anything that can be done about it, other than to pray, and unite it to Christ carrying His cross.
I suppose that it is appropriate that this happened during Lent. I feel lost, and for so long I feel like I've been searching for Him, but I cannot find Him...except in the gentleness of my husband, for which I am grateful.
Lord, increase my faith- make me to have eyes for You alone. Help me to be one after Your own Heart, just as the psalmist was.