Pieces of Heaven

Saturday, July 21, 2012

So- it has been almost a month since the last time I blogged. It's been very busy at home and at work- and it feels like time never stops. I don't have much time as both boys are (miraculously!) napping, and I want to get in on that before they wake up...so here is a short update. 1. My baby sister is getting married in two weeks. TWO WEEKS. I feel old! Joseph is going to be the ring bearer and I'm lectoring. I'm praying that all goes well because... 2. One of my doctors thought I could go into pre-term labor. It would not be pretty if my water broke behind the ambo. However, at my last appointment I was only 1 cm dilated- but I also know that could change rapidly. 3. The lady I was going to hire to take over for me during maternity leave cannot take over anymore because of personal issues. Trying to rush and get everything done before Baby #3 arrives. Again- would love to try and find a way to stay home... 4. May HAVE to stay home because our daycare provider said that she assumed Joseph was going to preschool next year and already made arrangements to have his spot filled. I'm in shock and not happy- and she was very embarrassed. I'm not sure what to do because I love his provider- but I am so upset. Joseph cannot go to preschool until he is potty trained. and right now #1 goes in the potty, but not #2. 5. My 6 year wedding anniversary is on Sunday- and my husband and I are celebrating on Monday- not sure what to do yet. 6. Wishing I could go to Confession- haven't been able to. Feeling overwhelmed and tired is not an excuse for choosing to sin- but it certainly makes it much easier to do so. 7. Lots of contractions lately- painful. 8. Have to prime and paint a dresser, wash all the newborn clothing and HOPEFULLY pre-make and freeze some meals before the baby arrives... 9. And have to plan his baptism and pray about godparents. 10. I've also been looking for other jobs, just in case. Being in an administrator with two young kids is tough- and if I must work- I can't imagine doing it with three. There's more- but it's time to lay down and SLEEP...just needed to do a "brain dump" first!