Pieces of Heaven

Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Little Ones, Maternity Leave and Megamind

Well, I was hoping by now I'd be able to share the blessed news that the newest little one had arrived, but we are still waiting!  However, I am glad for two reasons that he has waited- even though I feel as though my belly is going to explode and my legs go numb from having him sit on my nerves:

1. I always try to go to Confession before I go into labor and have not yet had an opportunity.
2. Joseph has been tested for Pertussis, and the entire family is on antibiotics. 

Both the boys had been vaccinated against it, but the doctor said that there is a particularly strong strain going around.  Joseph had been coughing so hard that his face would redden and he would gasp and wheeze for his breath- SO SCARY.  He is still coughing hard, but since he has started the antibiotic, I have noticed his wheezing has subsided.

We also had to report this to the state, and the state has to inform the daycare with what symptoms to watch for, and what precautions to take.  I'm baffled as to where he could have caught this as he is either always with our family or in daycare.  Poor little guy!

So- I'm glad the baby has waited.  I'm not sure what precautions we could take with the baby to ensure he doesn't catch this.

Joseph has just seemed to have a run of bad luck, lately.  Yesterday when I went to go wake him, I ran into his room to the sound of screaming and blood gushing out of his mouth and down his arm.  Of course, knowing that he had been coughing, I imagined the worst, until he managed to explain that he hit his chin on the foot board of his bed because he had been jumping. Poor kid!

David has been doing well- but separation anxiety has started to set in with him...especially when my husband leaves the room during a meal time. (Fred has been feeding him bottles at night as I am too large to have him rest on my stomach).  He's also been upset with me because I can't pick him up as much as I used to.  My belly has taken over my mid section so my hips have disappeared and there's no place for him to go!  He's still a sweet little Mama's boy, though!  Little guy just celebrated his first birthday and is trying to walk- so hard to believe!

I'm "supposedly" on Maternity Leave- in my absence people try contacting me with a lot of questions as it is the beginning of the school year.  The replacements I hired are doing a great job- I only wish one had more self-confidence.  She will do a great job- she just needs to believe in herself. Leave has been difficult with the Pertussis, constant (and now painful) Braxton Hicks and my husband's crazy work schedule- and daycare drama, too. Ugh.  I'm trying my best to give my all to my kids, but finding that I am so worn down due to third trimester insomnia and anxiety about WHEN the baby is to arrive...and worried about my husband's imminent shift change.  If his supervisors put him on third shift, I don't know how we're going to do this...hoping God has an amazing plan in store.

I DO have to say that I am most grateful for Megamind.  For some reason, Joseph is just enamored by that movie.  (And I like it, too!) When he watches it, and David is down for his morning nap, I am able to indulge in my nesting fantasies and load the dishwasher and mop the floor. Is it bad that he loves that movie so much that he is now identifying the characters and whether or not they are good or evil???  I do hate using the television to occupy him so I can get housework done- but my helper can no longer come as her husband just had surgery and my parents both work.  Wishing we knew more people in the area- I can't believe how much my hometown has changed since I graduated from high school.

In fact, Fred and I have talked about moving again...which I wouldn't mind.  I'd like a fresh start and I'd like to be able to meet people our own age who are also married and/or have families. (Not that we don't value our single friends- we do! It would just be nice to share some of the struggles that go along with family life with those who are doing the same thing.) It would be nice to have couple friends in the area and be able to share our lives with them.  I just don't see that very  much around here- and everyone I meet through my job, as lovely as they are, are 50+.  Would love to meet people in our age bracket and find good  playmates for the kids.  Perhaps soon.

Anyway- that's all for now- probably the last blog before baby arrives....and I have to go take my chocolate chip cookies out of the oven and finish wiping down the kitchen before I can go to bed...(Oh, nesting...can't control it!)   For anyone who checks out our little corner here- please keep us in prayer!