Pieces of Heaven

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Realization...and Thankfulness

Today I'm thankful that I caught my son's pinkeye when I did. We were able to get him to the doctor, who also diagnosed him with an ear infection (apparently the ear infection is the reason for the pinkeye- the infection is draining from his eye...something I don't totally understand...) and we may have an in for him to go to the nose and throat doctor- something we've been needing to do. Though it will be an unpleasant procedure, it will tell us what has been wrong with him.

I'm thankful my Mom could come over to watch Joseph while I started several loads of laundry, wiping down the house and sterilizing bottles- as well as putting my poor David to sleep.

I'm thankful (but ashamed) that I had a realization today that I have a tendency to think negatively. Even if there is some beacon, some light shining in the blackness- I focus on darkness rather than the light. I need to change this- to trust that God will help us to carry our Crosses- this change will be a long process...

Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday's Thankful List

1. For some quiet time at work today.
2. That I am healing slowly.
3. That both of my babies were happy when I picked them up from daycare.
4. That after several false starts, I figured out what was wrong with my computer and fixed it! (Well, I guess I TECHNICALLY didn't figure it out- I just got lucky and it started working again!)
5. I'm grateful that my appointment cancelled because I still feel sick (even though I'm healing...) and the lady my appointment was with has bronchitis- it was nice not to have to deal wtih that today.
6. I am thankful that my husband made dinner- that took a lot off my mind and shoulders tonight.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Thankful List 4 (Saturday's List)

1. I'm thankful for my sister on her birthday.
2. Thankful that David slept the majority of the day WITHOUT coughing-
poor little guy needed it!
3. Thankful that my sweet husband retrieved our dresser and Bowflex from
my parents' house- it's nice to be making our place feel more like "home"
and make it feel more organized.
4. Thankful that I had the honor of making my sister's birthday cupcakes-
chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting, topped with Andes mints and green
sprinkles- looked a lot like St. Patrick's Day, but she loved them!
5. Thankful that we "ordered in" last night.
6. Thankful that my husband covered most of the chores yesterday as I am
still healing from this virus.
7. I'm thankful that Joseph is communicating more- he has been saying, "
My butt hurts," when he needs his diaper changed. I will be MORE thankful
when he masters potty training.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Thankful (Combined List 2 and 3)

1. Thankful that my Dad and sister helped me last night when David
was ill. He was choking on his phlegm and had a barking cough- and
the doctor I spoke with thought he had croup.

2. I am grateful that when I took him to the ER, the doctor said
he did not have croup, but the nurse thought he had RSV.

3. I am thankful he does not have RSV- but just an awful cold! Hoping
he gets better soon!

4. Thankful that yesterday I called out because I was ill (still am)
but I needed the strength I gained to make it through the night.

5. Thankful that I am out today to regain strength- looking forward
to returning to work next week.

6. Thankful for a good doctor's appointment yesterday.

7. Thankful that if I have to send David to daycare, he is with Joseph.
He has a good caregiver.

8. Thankful for my sister, who has a birthday tomorrow.

9. Thankful for my husband who let me sleep this afternoon.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ash Wednesday: I Am Thankful For- List 1

1. I am thankful that a volunteer made me leave work
today because she could see I was sick and struggling
to function- (I must have looked pretty pathetic wheezing
on my inhaler!) She even brought David and I home. I'm
laying down and resting now.

2. That Joseph slept until 6AM and did not get up AT
ALL last night...a small victory! He must be getting better!

3. That Fred did not have to work overtime.

4. That David is sleeping.

5. For our new sofa that I am lying on.

6. For my doctor appointment tomorrow.

7. For my Mom.

8. That my Dad is happy at his new job.

9. For David's laugh and beautiful eyes- helped me stay positive
at work.

10. For M.R.- an angel who goes above and beyond. I hope that someday
I can be like her.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Joseph is ill with a horrible cough and a double earache, so I am staying home for the day to tend to him. He's FINALLY asleep, as is David and Fred. I hope that I can be patient for the rest of the day as I am also sick, and the doctor put me on an inhaler because I'm having trouble breathing.

Anyway- Lent starts tomorrow- another 40 day journey of sacrifice and prayer to deepen our relationship with Jesus. I've been thinking about what I should do this Lent, and came to the realization that, for me, it would be more difficult to "do" than to "give up." I think want to try and "do" a few things:

1. A SHORT Way of the Cross each night. (In the Pieta Book)
2. Make a point to make a list of what I'm thankful for. I did this
last year as well, and it really helped me to put things in perspective and
be grateful for all the many blessings that I take for granted.
3. Perhaps make time to say a rosary every Saturday.

I think #1 is something that really speaks to my heart right now. We are dealing with our own "crosses," but none are so great as the one that Christ bore. Oh, to bear a cross patiently with abandonment and LOVE- THIS is what I need to do.

2012 has been very difficult. So many times I feel like Job- that "life is a drudgery." Well, it is not a drudgery- if you do what you need to do by realizing that God wants you to use your blessings and talents to perform the task...although this has been a struggle for me to realize...

I want to be closer to His heart- and I need to let go of lamenting "why me?" and start asking, "What is Your will?" Of course, it is one thing to know this, and another to do this.

Cultivate within me a pure, loving and grateful heart, O Lord! Help me to let go of selfishness, anger, doubt and fear, and to embrace the childlike faith that will unite me to You!

Thursday, February 16, 2012


The kids (and husband) are asleep, the dishwasher is humming, the kitchen has been wiped down, and I'm typing while sitting on our new loveseat.

Yes- we finally have a loveseat and a sofa!!!


We've been married for nearly six years, and have never had a "real" loveseat or sofa. We had a futon type thing from Ikea because it was small and would fit in our tiny apartment when we lived in California. Since we had moved to Texas, and now to New England, we have constantly been pricing sets and trying to figure out how to afford it.

We finally figured out how to make it work at Christmas- a dear friend of mine, (who I happen to think is an angel) gave us a monetary gift (she shouldn't have- but I'm blessed and glad that she did!) and we started looking at stores in the area.

My husband and I had been eyeing a set at Big Lots for a long time, and today our friend said he would help us and lend us his truck so we could lug it home. He, my husband and my Dad made the trip to Big Lots, and hubby showed them the set we wanted.

Our friend, "Phil," looked at the set and told him that he had the same set at his house, and he had been trying to give it away (he wants a new set) and he would GIVE IT TO US FOR FREE. The loveseat had never even been sat on, and both pieces look brand new.


So Phil, Fred, and my Dad loaded up Phil's truck and brought over the furniture. It amazes me that Fred and I have waited so long to get a set because we were trying to save up for one, and then, out of no where, we get the set we want, FOR FREE! Still can't believe it! What an act of kindness. Our living room looks like "home" now.

And to add to the good things that have been happening, I will be able to have David in daycare part time with Joseph during the week. This is great, because he is trying to crawl and my office just does NOT have enough space for him to do so.

It amazes me that when the road becomes difficult, God always sends little beacons of light along the way to remind us of His goodness and faithfulness. Things still aren't easy- but when He sends these little consolations, it helps to remind me of His faithfulness when I'm in the dark.

Soon, I will be able to blog about what Fred and I have been going through- it's almost time. "We" are fine- but we have been undergoing an adventure- and most of it in the dark- and we haven't been able to talk about it. Looking forward to being more open soon.

Thank You Jesus for Your Love and eternal faithfulness. May we keep the "eyes of our hearts" focused on You!

Friday, February 3, 2012

An Empathetic Son

It's been a rough few days. I'm sick. David's sick and teething and Joseph is getting sick. Work has been hectic and my husband has been working crazy hours- and no one has been sleeping.

Last night (and this morning) I was up with David, holding him in the recliner and feeding him a bottle "spiked" with a dose of Infant Tylenol for his teeth...I think we got up together about four times. So, when I heard Joseph crying at 5:30 AM I was not eager to start the day and brought him into bed with me to sleep.

Sometimes I let him look out the window as a distraction so I can catch five more minutes of shut-eye. This morning, I noticed him throwing the curtains back and staring out the window and thought nothing of it. I closed my eyes, knowing he would get back in bed with me.


And then he dropped a screwdriver onto my head, narrowly missing my left eye.

Apparently, DH had left his screwdriver on the floor after putting up our curtains and Joseph was trying to give it to me.

I burst into tears, not quite sure what had happened except that I thought my skull had been cracked. (I have a nice little egg on my forehead now where the screwdriver fell). I cried because of the throbbing pain, the lack of sleep, and the fact that my husband wasn't home. I cried because of the teething and the sickness and stress...everything came out.

And then I found a gentle little hand on my shoulder, rubbing me soothingly and looked over to see Joseph who said softly, "Mom-Mom, its okay, don't cry, Mom-Mom- don't cry."

And he gave me a hug.

Two years old.

I love my little guy.