Pieces of Heaven

Friday, July 30, 2010

Silent Hours

Lately, silence has been something that I have been craving. Between being very busy with the Religious Ed. program at our parish, motherhood, and family life- there has been no time for reflection- making it more difficult to hear those whispers of love from the Lover of my soul.

I have been trying to rise early and go to bed later so I can savor a few precious (silent) moments with my Beloved. I know that if I do not take the time to thank Him, and do not take the time to BE with Him, I will be an empty vessel. I will have nothing to give to my husband, my son, or those to whom I am ministering. I cannot find the words to describe how much I yearn for this!

And yet, I know that in my vocation, I am to make my every action, every word, every deed, every sacrifice an act of love for Him. Every action should be a prayer. But in my sinfulness and in my littleness, I really don't know how to do this. It's so easy to forget that taking care of the baby is an act of love when I'm elbow deep in a dirty diaper...and so I yearn for silence, because in the silence, I feel that I'm giving Him my full attention.

I imagine that the Lord is allowing me to experience this so that I burn for Him, and Him alone, but it can be frustrating at times. Between answering telephones, starting a new youth ministry, recruiting CCD volunteers, board meetings, cooking, cleaning, wiping noses, bandaging boo-boos, mounds of laundry, dirty diapers, and living in a house with seven people (my parents, siblings, husband and son...not to mention the infamous Charlie, and my sister's pets...) where there is really no privacy- how can I maintain a few precious hours of silence so I can be with the Lord, and in turn, be Christ-like to everyone else? I'm open to any and all advice- I need to pencil the Lord in!

Sometimes, I really feel like more of a Martha than a Mary- so consumed by duties. But how I yearn for a chance to sit at His Feet!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Versatile Blogger Award

When I began this blog, I decided that I wouldn't publicize it, but just write and see who decided to read- leaving it in God's hands. I believe I've only actually shared it's existence with about six friends. Imagine my surprise when I found I was awarded a Versatile Blogger Award from the lovely blogger at City Wife, Country Life! Thank you, Angele! (I don't know how to link back to your blog, as I'm still new to this blogging thing.)

I want to pass on the award to two bloggers that I regularly read.

1. Nicole at Cupcakes and Spriggles. She frequently writes about her family life, inparticularly about her adventures as a new mom, but also peppers her blog with cooking tips and prayerful meditations on Gospel readings. Very beautiful blog.

2. Adrien at On the Fly. Not a frequent blogger, but her posts are filled with anecdotes and tutorials of a Mom who is learning how to be a "stay at home mom" and loving every second of it. I love this blog, and it's very helpful!

Now, part of receiving this award is posting seven things that no one knows about you. As I feel that I'm an open book (for the most part) this may be difficult! However, here is my attempt:

1. Despite the fact that I am utterly terrified of rollercoasters and most wild rides, I have always dreamed of riding a motorcycle. Something about the speed and the wind blowing through one's hair is very appealing to me.

2. Even though I'm a flutist, I would love to learn how to play acoustic guitar. I'm putting this on my "bucket list."

3. I have only had once instance where I had to stay overnight in a hospital, and that was post-delivery of my little bambino.

4. If I could have any job in the world and money was not a factor, I would love to be a poet.

5. When my husband was first interested in dating me, I was contemplating graduate school and then missionary work in Chicago. However, God has a sense of humor. Every night, my dear husband would go to the chapel and ask God if he could have me. And every night, I went down to the chapel and TOLD God that even though I was attracted to this man, I wanted to remain single and pursue mission work. You can see who's faith was rewarded!

6. I love logic and puzzles, but I am an utter failure in the area of mathematics.

7. I have a deep love for Victorian houses. I would love to live in one and furnish it with period furniture and paintings. They are so beautiful, and make me feel very "refined" and feminine.

I suppos that's all for now- back to the "sacred hours" of wifely duties and motherhood. I am hoping for a post later this week concerning marriage- my husband and I just celebrated our four year anniversary!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Canticle of Love


This song, based on the writings of St. Therese, has always been dear to my heart. I first heard it when I purchased "Songs for Life" by The Pierce Sisters. It was played at my wedding as the Entrance Hymn (Instrumental) and sung during the Communion Meditation. It was also played at my sister's funeral. Out of any piece of music I've ever heard, this song is the one that has played a crucial part in drawing me closer to Christ, and I wanted to share the lyrics. Wish I could share the actual music, but I'm not technologically savvy. :)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

"God doesn't call the qualified..."

"God doesn't call the qualified, but He qualifies the called." I cannot remember where I first heard this quote, but I have been mulling over it a lot lately, especially in light of my new job, and in light of being a mother. I find these words to be a comfort as I find myself thrown in the midst of administrative duties and being "on my own" for a week while my husband is in California.

When I think of these words, the Blessed Mother and St. Joseph always come to mind. A humble, poor fifteen year old girl called to be the Mother of Our Lord? A lowly carpenter called to be the protector of Our Lady and Our Savior? Surely, neither one of these seemed qualified for the roles God had planned for them- but He gave them the strength, wisdom, love and grace to fulfill their vocations.

When I remember this, I know that God can certainly help me to do the lowly tasks that I must fulfill in order to please Him.