Pieces of Heaven

Friday, March 26, 2010


About a month ago, my husband, my son and I inched into a crowded room full of young families. Toddlers were scuttling across the white tiled floor while parents lined up to receive packets and pens from a cheerful looking woman in a flower print dress. After the woman had handed us our information, we ended up sitting down and waiting for baptism class to begin.

In order to have our son baptized, it was required that we attend a class that reviewed the meaning of sacraments, went over a little bit of Church history, and some other theology. We also ended up watching a video that captured my attention.

I can't remember the name of the video, but in it, an older woman began to tell a story about how her elementary school teacher, a nun, had always wanted her to enter the convent. The nun had told her student that she would be getting up at various times during the night to pray- one o'clock, three o'clock, five o'clock- etc. , and that because she consecrated these hours to prayer, they would be sacred.

After sharing that anecdote, the woman smiled at the screen and asked, "Now what do those times sound like to you?" Just about everyone in the room smiled as they answered, "Feeding times."

Two different vocations- and the same sacred hours are kept.

This blog will be filled with musings on marriage as a vocation, the gift of motherhood, the Blessed Mother, femininity, and personal stories as well. As a young wife and mother, these are topics that are very dear to my heart, and ones that I would like to discuss and share with others. Welcome to Sacred Hours.

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