Pieces of Heaven

Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Brain Change

Maybe it's just me- but I'm convinced the way I interpret and think
about things has changed since I've become a wife and mama.

For example:

5:00 AM Before Children (BC):
"Time to work out!"

5:00 AM After Children (AC):
"Joseph is crying- isn't Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on yet?!"

BC: Poop? Gross!

AC: Poop? What color is it? How often has he gone? He HASN'T gone?!
(This also includes praying that baby poops and is not constipated.*)
*Anecdote to follow.

BC: Isn't Charlie (the cat) adorable? He meows in response when I talk to him!

AC: WHY WON'T CHARLIE BE QUIET?!?! The baby is sleeping!!!

BC: Cool equaled: Being able to read Crime and Punishment.

AC: Cool equals: Cuddling up with Goodnight Moon.

I'll have to continue this list later...believe me...it's long!

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