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Thursday, April 25, 2013

"Behold- I make all things new..."

New Year's Day didn't really feel new- but as the days of 2013 begin to slip by, I feel like 2013 will be like a springtime after a harsh winter.  Maybe it's because turning 30 has finally solidified in my mind that I am who I am- and with God, things can change.

I just decided to drop by my neglected blog and realized that I began this particular post in January.  Hard to believe it's been that long since I've really looked at this blog!

However, I still feel the same- that despite all of the recent difficulties, that a "springtime" is approaching. 

The boys are growing so much!  We've enrolled Joseph for preschool (he would begin next fall) and David and Michael have changed so much.  Well, David hasn't grown (vertically) much...he and Michael are both wearing 18 month old clothing!  (David is 20 months, and Michael just turned 8 months today!) 

David is beginning to say "Mama" and "Dada," and he says, "Oh yeah!" "Yaaay!" "Naanaaa" (Night Night) and occasionally "No."  He is speaking later than Joseph did, and it's been hard trying to get him to speak when he has a big brother who loves to speak FOR him.  He loves to be carefree and is very easy going and sweet.

Michael has cut four teeth and two more are on their way in.  He is eating solid foods and trying to crawl.  He bounces on EVERYTHING.  I think he is the only one of my children who cannot sit still.  He bounces when he's held, in his car seat, in his crib...everywhere!

Confirmation is right around the corner and we have 40 candidates who will be confirmed...and then Bible Camp...and then Fred and I will go to California to see his family.  We have not seen them in over two years, so they will be able to meet David and Michael for the first time, and we will get to meet our niece for the first time!  Exciting.

After Confirmation winds down, I hope to keep better tabs on the blog.

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