Pieces of Heaven

Saturday, July 10, 2010

"God doesn't call the qualified..."

"God doesn't call the qualified, but He qualifies the called." I cannot remember where I first heard this quote, but I have been mulling over it a lot lately, especially in light of my new job, and in light of being a mother. I find these words to be a comfort as I find myself thrown in the midst of administrative duties and being "on my own" for a week while my husband is in California.

When I think of these words, the Blessed Mother and St. Joseph always come to mind. A humble, poor fifteen year old girl called to be the Mother of Our Lord? A lowly carpenter called to be the protector of Our Lady and Our Savior? Surely, neither one of these seemed qualified for the roles God had planned for them- but He gave them the strength, wisdom, love and grace to fulfill their vocations.

When I remember this, I know that God can certainly help me to do the lowly tasks that I must fulfill in order to please Him.


  1. Oh, Mrs. Q., I love your blog!! In fact, I gave you a little award over at my blog today (which you're free to keep or ignore). This post is so helpful to me!

  2. I'm glad it could help! :) I'm sorry I didn't reply sooner- I was in California with no internet access. I hope you're well- we should have a phone date soon!