Pieces of Heaven

Thursday, January 27, 2011

"A light shines in the darkness, and the darkness shall not overcome it..."

I have been yearning to write for weeks, but I didn't want to post anything until after I had been to see the doctor.

Our family is expecting Baby #2, to be born on August 18th!

As of right now, I am almost 11 weeks along, and (thankfully) almost through the first trimester. I suspected that I may be expecting shortly after Thanksgiving, as I was experiencing an absurd amount of heartburn coupled with nausea. I mentioned this to my husband- but it took three pregnancy tests to confirm my suspicions.

I find it a little strange that I've dealt with "morning sickness" almost everyday of the pregnancy thus far, when I never dealt with it when I was expecting Joseph. Perhaps this little one will be a girl. If it is- I think we have the perfect name picked out. If it's not, we are still trying to decide between a few boys' names.

Anyway, this definitely comes as a surprise to our family. A good surprise, but a surprise nonetheless. Before we moved to the great white North, we had hoped we would have another child after Joseph turned one so the two would be close enough in age to be good friends. For this, I am grateful.

However, I am also very worried as my dear husband is still searching for a job, and my job as a humble DRE makes it very difficult to support one person, let alone four. I am praying that Our Lady has pity on us and advocates for us to Our Lord so he will find employment soon. I am also hoping for this so I will be able to leave my job and stay home with the children. I think, especially when they are young, that having a mother at home is important.

Joseph has been growing by leaps and bounds. Right now, the "little" guy is cutting molars. In fact, the other night at dinner I nearly jumped out of my skin because I noticed a stream of blood trickling out of the corner of his mouth! I thought he had bitten his tongue- (he was crying)- but upon further investigation, my husband discovered that his gums were bleeding because his teeth are pushing through.

Joseph has also been learning how to kiss, and it is just too darn cute. He has been trying to talk as well, but has been less successful in that department. However, he tries to say "banana", nana, "kitty" itty?!, and baby- pronounced bebe. In addition to trying to speak, he also communicates by signing- and signs for "more" when he wants more food, or wants us to perform the same act again (i.e. turning on a musical toy, playing hide and seek with him, etc.) He's also been combing his hair and brushing his teeth, helping to pull his clothes on and off, dancing, and of course; terrorizing the cats and the dog by chasing them. Joseph is, without a doubt, all boy. And, grandma just bought him a training potty. This should be interesting.

Joseph has also entered the "terrible twos" early. Arching his back, crying out of frustration- crying over everything- it's been tantrum city. When I come home at the end of the day, and if I'm not in a state where I need to be scraped off of the floor due to first trimester exhaustion, I try to relieve my husband, who promptly retreats to the basement to take out his frustration my delving into his books or his PS3. I'm convinced that my husband has probably already earned his spot in heaven several times over.

Anyway, that is the update as of right now. We are joyful. May we be rid of anxiety and wait in "joyful hope" for the things Our Lord has planned for us.


  1. Congratulations!!! What wonderful news! :)

    My husband and I will be praying for y'all, and especially for A. to find some good work soon.

  2. Thank you! And- thank you so much for the prayers. :) How ARE you? I hope all is well with you and Mr. Amazing. :)