Pieces of Heaven

Sunday, January 2, 2011

A New Year

It's a beautiful Sunday afternoon. The sun is shining, the snow is glistening...and Joseph is asleep.


At least for a little while.

I realized this morning during Mass that I haven't yet made any New Year's Resolutions. Since I was fifteen, I've always made any resolutions on Christmas Day. It allowed me time to think about what type of change I'd like to see in the upcoming year.

During Mass, I came to the realization that my New Year's Resolution would be:

To be more gentle to myself- and to allow God to take care of the things I am unable to do.

I have a feeling that this resolution will not only make ME happier, but make everyone around me happier as well- and I'll be allowing God to be God! It amazes me that sometimes we try to put limitations on God- try to do things ourselves- when all we really need to do is rely on Him.

There's a lot more I would like to write, but it will have to wait until another time- hopefully late next week.

For those who come across this blog- I hope that you have had a most blessed and holy Christmas, and a Happy New Year.


  1. Wow, that was exactly what I needed to be reminded of right now- to rely on God and not to try to do it all by myself. I think this will be my resolution too!

  2. Let's keep each other accountable. :)

  3. Thinking of you!!!!