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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Early Hours

What should you do when you're hit with a bout of pregnancy insomnia and you're up for the day WAY before 5AM?

Blog of course!

To follow up from the last entry- we had thought we were all in the clear in regards to the Stomach Virus of Doom. In fact, by the next day, Joseph seemed to be doing much better. Sunday, he was eating solid foods again and was clearly on the mend.

Forward to Sunday night.

At precisely 12:30 AM, my hubby is struck by the virus- which not only struck him with all of Joseph's symptoms, but the chills as well. And so, I did what any practical wife would do. I took care of him, and then moved him into my sister's vacant room upstairs (she's away at school) so I would be able to take care of the baby the next day without being sick. I covered him with blankets, gave him some medicine and a bottle of ginger ale, and we each had our cell phones (we live in the basement) so he could text me if he needed me.

Forward to 2:30 AM.

My other sister and I are struck down by the virus- and up ALLLLL night with it. To make a long (and gross) story short, my mother is the only one who didn't catch this bug.

When I called my OB's office the next day, I was told that even though I was feeling horrible, I needed to be eating ice pops in order to make sure Baby Q could get glucose. Ice pops, when I couldn't keep down water or ginger ale??? Nonetheless, I acqueisced and made it through two popsicles that day.

Two days later, my mother came down with the virus, and we ended up having to take Joseph to the pediatrician because he was STILL showing signs of the virus. We came to find out he was temporarily lactose intolerant- and he wasn't allowed to have any dairy for a week. Thank goodness my little guy is not a picky eater, and took to soy milk!

Anyway, now that the Stomach Virus of Doom has vacated, I have found that I've lost some weight,(probably about two pounds) and I'm trying to gain it back. I went to the OB's yesterday and was very happy to hear Baby Q's heartbeat. What an amazing blessing! And- the next appointment in March is supposed to be our sonogram. (My hubby and I are both very anxious to find out the gender of the baby.)

However, I'm thinking about looking for another practice in the area. You see, at this practice I'm required to see SIX different doctors (one of which is on Parish Council with me...awkward!) instead of having one primary doctor- and the two that I've seen have not impressed me. The first was actually a midwife, who does not seem to have the word "gentle" in her vocabulary- or in the way she treats her patients. The doctor I saw yesterday not only dismissed some important questions I had for her by telling just to go see my PCP, but also seemed to do everything in her power to get RID of us. I couldn't believe it!

The attitudes that were exhibited made me miss my former practitioner in Texas SO much!

On a much more positive note, the hubby and I are going to have a "belated" Valentine's Day. We've decided to have an overnight at a local inn, which I think will be nice. We haven't had any time to ourselves since before Joseph was born. I think it will be very nice to reconnect. I don't think I could bear going for more than one night though, I miss Joseph enough as it is when I'm at work.

Still praying for hubby to land a job. Please keep our family in your prayers!

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