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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My Three Sons (The Wiggler, The Love-Bug, and The Administrator.)....and A Life Update

It's been a little over a month since I last blogged- hard to believe! Life just keeps changing and we just keep pressing on. I am now at about 27 weeks with Baby #3, David will be 10 months old next week, and Joseph is going on three- and starting to potty train. (Hopefully, I'll have ONE out of diapers by the time #3 arrives??? Please???) #3 is moving so much more now, (I call him the Wiggler) and I'm beginning to have what I have dubbed as "Turtle Syndrome." This happens when you are sound asleep and you want to flip over and you CAN'T, because your belly is too big! It must be funny to watch- but I have to admit that I've been spending several nights sleeping in our recliner instead of our bed so I don't have to worry about flipping over. This is the first time I've ever slept in a recliner during pregnancy- so weird! Anyhow...we are trying to come up with a moniker for the little one, and it's hard for us to choose a name this time around. We keep going between three or four possibilities, but can't make up our minds! David has been growing quickly. He's about 25 lbs. now- and he's crawling SO FAST. He has begun pulling himself into a standing position (and he's quite pleased about that) and getting into all of Joseph's things- which has not only led to greater amounts of chasing David, but sibling rivalry (at least on Joseph's part.) David still comes to work with me three days a week and is in daycare for two days. Working with a 9 month old in the office is challenging, but somehow,it's working. My office looks like a nursery with office equipment...not the other way around. Sometimes when he's restless, I'll put him in his stroller and walk him down the hallways of the school, and all of the students and teachers stop to talk to him. He just LOVES all of the attention and loves being held. He's very laid back, cheerful and lovable- unless he's teething. He's a total "Mama's Boy"- at least for the time being- and he always wants to snuggle. He's the little Love Bug. Joseph is talking more and more. He is always singing "Twinkle,Twinkle Little Star," and if he is not in the mood for me joining in, he stops, frowns and says, "No, Mama, that's MY twinkle." and continues to sing as loud as he can. He is rough and tumble and into E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G. Hsi favorite show right now is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (which I think I've seen every episode of) followed by Jake and the Neverland Pirates. He has started riding his tricycle at Memaw's and Pepaw's house, and loves to help in the kitchen. As lovable as Joseph is, he certainly has a mind of his own, and he is VERY hard headed. I call him "The Administrator." He loves telling other people what to do and how to do it- and if things aren't going his way, he is not happy. It's funny to me that Joseph is just beginning to enter the "Terrible Twos" this late. He is SO PASSIONATE. He can passionately love you and what he's doing- and the next minute, if he feels he's been wronged, he will be PASSIONATE about letting you know it! (I have NOOOOOOOOOOOO idea where he gets this from...) I have to say though, he is a great helper and he is growing up too quickly- but it is amazing to see his development and his personality which is beginning to emerge. The infamous Charlie, who could have probably had an entire blog dedicated to his shenanigans, had to be given up to the Humane Society. On Good Friday. What a horrible day to give up the cat! Charlie, as lovable and spunky as he was, was starting to get jealous of the kids- and territorial (in a bad way) because our next door neighbors have FIVE outdoor cats that like to mark their territory outside of our house. In addition to this, a certain two year old decided that a cat of 20 lbs. looked a lot like a small pony, and tried riding him on numerous occasions and pulling his ears and whiskers. The trip down to the Humane Society on Good Friday was AWFUL. After my husband and I had dropped him off, I cried all the way home! In hindsight however, I realize that we made the right decision, and Charlie was adopted after a mere week of being in the shelter. I am very happy about this and I know that he is making a family very happy. My husband is looking for other jobs as his current one has him dealing with some rather...interesting characters- and the overtime has been unreal. Our family has not gotten to spend much time together because of the overtime- and because he has rotating days off (works six days, off for two). My job? Well, it's been demanding. Lots of changes- some for the better. However, more than anything I want to stay at home with the kids. i'm not sure how feasible this is given all of the bills- and I'm hoping for answers to prayers soon. I'm also hoping for God to strengthen us as a family, especially in the next months as so many changes are taking place. I'm at a place where I've learned that God won't give you anything you can't handle...(but it's okay to ask for help!) I have trouble with that last part and usually drive myself crazy trying to do everything on my own. Hoping for continued strength, healing and guidance. That's all for now- maybe I'll shoot for a WEEKLY blog, because blogging as much as I want cannot happen right now with the family and with the job.

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  1. The first part made me laugh out loud- I love how you described David and Joseph! But the last part... so sad. I'm so sorry to hear about Charlie. What a difficult decision. But it sounds like it was the right one. Hopefully it's easier knowing that he's in another good home.
    I will keep your intentions in my prayers- I hope things get easier for you soon!