Pieces of Heaven

Friday, April 27, 2012


Yesterday I went to the OBGYN for my exam. There was a group of people in the waiting room, shuffling through magazines, texting and playing on iPads. The room was silent with the exception of the turning of magazine pages and the soft hum of office equipment. I decided not to read anything and to enjoy the silence. About a half hour after my appointment time, I was finally called. I followed the portly nurse down the hallway while she took my vitals and entered the information into her computer- her gaudy blue beaded bracelet jingling with every keystroke. She told me to wait and the doctor would come to see me as soon as possible- she would be running late because she was double booked for the entire day. I pulled a magazine from the rack and thumbed through it- noticing that the nurse left the door wide open on her way out- not something that typically happens. And, as I sat there, I noticed several nurses running down the hall looking for towels. One was looking for scissors. "Her mother doesn't know?!" said one. "I STRONGLY object to the way this was handled!" yelled another. My stomach churned. "Bring her mother back here." A heavyset, irate woman was quickly ushered down the hallway. A bit later, a teenage girl was whisked down the hallway in a wheelchair- her face veiled by her hair. Then- the doctor came to see me. Checked my weight. Told me my stomach measurement was fine- and that my baby's heartbeat was strong. That the next appointment would be in a month and I would have to take my glucose test before coming in for an examination. I gave my paperwork to the lady at the check out and pulled on my jacket- wrapping myself in it tightly as I stepped back outside and into the rain- and wept. What had happened in that office? What had happened to the girl? What had happened to that baby? Questions I'll always wonder about- and never have answered. The events that took place played themselves over and over in my mind, making it impossible to sleep. The next morning- I held my boys a little bit tighter.

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