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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Michael Has Arrived and a few Joseph-Isms

Baby Micheal arrived August 25th at 1:27 AM and was 8 lbs even. Contractions began around 7 PM that evening- and I ended up having a natural birth...(sort of by choice and sort of not- the look of the IV needle was a little too much for me to handle- so I just decided to go natural. After having done that, I don't think I will EVER do that again! Reminder to self- don't be a "hero"- get the epidural!). Michael is a spitting image of Joseph when he was a baby.  All are healthy, albeit more exhausted than usual.  We are happy for his arrival!  I will write more when I have a few moments...

And today from Joseph:

"Mama, Mama!"
"I pee-peed on da fwoor!" (said with the utmost exuberance.)

(Should I be thrilled he doesn't want to pee in his pull-up or
mortified that his new 'dumping ground' is the floor?!)

After reading "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" and seeing that the
caterpillar has turned into a butterfly:

"WOW! Dat's gweat, Mama! Dat's gweat! Wook! A butterfwhy!"

Looking at Michael:

"Mama, dat's MY baby Michael."

"Is he David's baby brother, too?"

"NO.  He's MY baby Michael! My bwother."

After Joseph has woken up in his Batman pjs:

"Mama, I AM the Batman."

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