Pieces of Heaven

Monday, October 15, 2012

What Maternity Leave With Three Under Three Has Taught Me

How To Dodge Landmines:
Landmines constitute as anything my one year old hurls onto the floor.  Usually, he does it out of frustration that he's not the one being held and is in his high chair.  I've learned to dodge everything from spilled milk to Cheerios to Cheez-Its.  And sometimes spit up.

What the color of a Number 2 means- and also what the size and consistancy means. 
How much Infant Tylenol needs to be injested to make us take a trip to the ER. (Thanks, Joseph.)

Infant Tylenol can also be used to paint on one's bedspread and carpet.

Mom avoiding dairy means baby is NOT gassy.  This also helps Mom to lose weight.
Kid Cuisines are okay once in a while.
Goldfish Crackers and Welch's Fruit Snacks are their own separate food groups.

If baby gets up at 11:00 PM for a feeding, and stays up til 1:00 AM, Mom can estimate that she will get two hours of sleep before all children are up.

Goodnight Moon and The Hungry Caterpillar are classics that should not be overlooked.

Seriously, though- even though maternity leave has been difficult as I was on my own we three kids- I am going to miss being home with my babies.  Wish I didn't have to go back to work. However, I'm happy we found a daycare and that I can bring Michael to work with me.  Prayers please for any who read this- husband is on the third shift and doing a lot of mandatory overtime- and I will be doing a 50+  40 hour week, then coming home and having the kids all night alone...which wouldn't be so scary if David wasn't teething and Michael wasn't colicky... kind of at a loss as to how all of this is going to work- and I've never felt that way before.


  1. Praying for you all! I hope things get easier soon.

  2. Doesn't it seem like babies are experts at one thing only: attempting suicide? My wife and I spent our first year as parents trying to anticipate everything our daughter could possibly do to bring about her own death. Morbid, but true.

  3. @Coachhurtlocker- I just saw this comment...and yes! I can't believe all the stuff they get into!