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Friday, May 6, 2011

Ear Infections and the Passing of Time...

I've sat down to type a few times this evening, only to stare at the blank screen and not know where to start. Too much noise- too many distractions- and not enough time to clear my mind have all contributed to this writer's block.
The past few days (well...nights) have been sleepless. Joseph came down with 103 fever which resulted in us taking him to the ER. He was so uncomfortable and flinched everytime he was touched with the stethoscope- and threw a tantrum everytime the doctor looked in his ears or came near him. It was so sad! The doctor concluded he had contracted some sort of virus and chalked it up to the fact that since he is cutting his canines, there are breaks in his skin (gums) which lead to a higher amount of viruses that can be contracted. He also mentioned his left ear was starting to get red.
Forward to the next day- he seems very lethargic and wants nothing more than to cuddle with Mommy and Daddy. After putting him down for the night, he awoke crying several times. Finally, at 3:00 AM he began yelling, and sounded so frightened! I ran over to his bed and picked him up, to find him clad in sweat soaked pajamas. My husband and I quickly stripped him down to his diaper and put a t-shirt on him to try to cool him- and gave him a bottle filled with Pedialyte, as well as some infant Advil. He never really went back to sleep, but he seemed to grow calmer.
We saw his pediatrician the next day who told us that the poor little guy had an ear infection, and prescribed an antibiotic. He seems to be doing MUCH better now- the fever has finally broken, and he seems to have regained his energy. I'm so thankful that he is on the mend. The night when he woke up screaming and drenched in sweat, I was so scared for him!
Between Joseph's ear infection and work, it seems like time marches steadily on. I can't believe that in about 15 weeks, I'll be holding our second son. I'm excited and scared- hoping God has something for us on the horizon. I trust that God would not leave us stranded with two children and unpaid maternity leave- but the waiting is causing me to grow quite anxious. I need to implore the prayers of the Blessed Mother much more fervently!
On a different note- I am quite sure I have married one of the godliest men God created- and his strength, patience and gentleness never cease to amaze me. I am truly blessed with a man who I believe is my own "St. Joseph." For this, I am truly grateful.

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