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Monday, May 16, 2011

The Little Spotted Boy and Winding Down

Well, Joseph's ear infection saga lasted far longer than we had expected it to last.
After being on the amoxicillan for two or three days, we noticed red spots covering his bottom- some of which had split open and had begun to bleed, and he was walking around the house bow-legged because he was in so much pain. We called the doctor, who told us that it is typical that children react to the penicillin by getting yeast infections (?!?!) in their lower regions, and told us to apply Monistat and Desitin to his bottom for the next several days.
Three days after THAT incident, my husband called me at work, and told me to check my cell phone. He had sent me several pictures of Joseph, who was COVERED in red, blotchy welts, especially his face and his belly. This led to another trek to the ER.
After waiting for awhile, a nurse came into the room to gather more information for the doctor. "Awwww...are you a little spotted boy?" she cooed to my disgruntled son- who promptly buried his face in Daddy's shoulder. After questioning us about new detergents and exposure to new foods, she left- and we ended up waiting for another hour.
Finally, the doctor came in and within ten minutes, triumphantly announced that what Joseph had was NOT chicken pox, but an allergic reaction the penicillin that was prescribed for his ear infection. He told us to give him Children's Benadryl, and that his spots should disappear within five to seven days.
About three days later, his spots have finally begun to fade...leaving only faint tan colored blotches. I'm hoping the constant oatmeal baths, oatmeal lotion and Benadryl are making my little guy a little more comfortable!
I think what shocked me the most throughout this experience was that my hubby and I were the ones who were beside ourselves- worried sick about our little guy- and besides the constant scratching, Joseph didn't seem phased at all. It's amazing sometimes how kids handle things so much better than adults!
I'm also happy to report that our First Communion Mass was beautiful! It was so amazing to see all the little boys and girls in their suits and white fairy dresses-so eager to receive Christ for the first time. Despite all of the chaos, I'm glad that all went well and that the children and parents were both so pleased with the outcome. The ending of First Communion signals the wind-down of the Catechetical Year- I have only to deal with the Baccalaureate Mass and VBS and then I can (somewhat) relax.
Please continue to keep my husband in your prayers as he job hunts. The third trimester begins this week and now it really seems as if time is ticking fast. Hopefully, we'll have good news soon!

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