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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

An Update

I was so elated last night when my husband did NOT have to work a double shift and came home on time and gave me a bouquet of red roses. I think he has some sort of sixth sense and knows when I need to see him, and when I "need" to have flowers. Yesterday was rough, but seeing him made it all worth it! (And the roses were an added bonus!)

David had his two month shots today- poor little guy was SO upset! I always hate to see my little men get their shots and cry. It's heartbreaking that you can see that they don't understand why they're in pain. But, on a brighter note, David is thriving. It's hard to believe he was ever 5 lbs and suffering from jaundice. He's now about 14 lbs and 24 inches long. I can't believe how quickly he is growing!

Joseph is loving daycare- which makes me feel a little better. I found the sweetest lady who runs a home daycare and only has about six children besides him in it, AND they're all about the same age. If I can't be at home with him, I'm glad that she has him during the day...AND he's making friends, which makes me happy.

His vocabulary is also exploding. Right now, one of his favorite things to say is, "No, that's mine!" Hard to believe that he is now two years old and learning more everyday!

DH has gotten a "permanent" position, which is a blessing. Right now we're looking for a "cheap" apartment, and plan to move closer to his job at the end of the year...and then I may pursue the teaching license. I've met someone who I think will be a great help to me in this process, and if we're both working, we'll soon pay off what needs to be paid off and then I can stay at home with my boys.

Work for me has been...hard. I have the luxury of bringing David to work with me, which is a blessing. However, it also makes working difficult. I'm learning how to juggle and doing well so far. Other things at work get me down, but I figure that I am "working" for God, so God will glorify Himself through my weakness and through what I've been going through.

David's baptism had to be cancelled because he had the worst case of constipation and gas pain I'd ever seen in an infant! We've rescheduled for this Saturday. I'm pretty convinced he has the best godparents ever. :) The proxies are very good people as well. Pictures to follow.

That's all I have time to write for now- Confirmation Retreat is all day on Sunday for our 10th Graders and I'm tying up all the loose ends tomorrow...and then I have a full work week after that. However, I am blessed with so much- and I am quite convinced I have married the best man ever- and my boys are doing so well. Things are slowly turning around- and I am grateful for God's abundant blessings.

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