Pieces of Heaven

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me.

Tomorrow, my husband and I are putting a downpayment on the duplex!
I'm nervous...excited...nervous...but mostly EXCITED! It will be a small space, but it will be OUR space. I'm grateful.

AND- we just purchased a car- very, very excited.

I think things are beginning to turn around!

I'm also excited because my friend is going to help me with the preliminary stages of getting teaching licensure. Of course, I'm not really saying much at this time about it to anyone, but this past week has given me SO MUCH HOPE. And if this teaching thing goes through, I hope my husband will be able to look for a job that makes him happy. I want that for him SO MUCH. I haven't had much hope in a while- and I have been humbled by God's generosity. Even though I've been doubting, and scared and angry...He lavishes me with more than I deserve.

My husband had a three day weekend this past weekend, and we were able to go out and see a movie and spend time together. This Sunday is my birthday, and he has another three day weekend- and I am SO, so happy that I will be able to see my husband on my birthday! That is the best present I could ask for.

I'm also so grateful for my sons. For Joseph- his antics- how he calls me Mom-Mom instead of Mama, and how he calls my husband DaDaDa. His hugs and his smiles...for David- how he is beginning to coo, his gummy smiles, his snuggles, his chubby cheeks and how he stops crying when I go to hold him.

I'm also thankful that my sister and her boyfriend were able to come up from Ohio for Thanksgiving.

I am blessed. I don't deserve it...but I'm blessed- and I am grateful.

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  1. So happy to hear all the news, chica! Where is the duplex?? Love you! ~jenn