Pieces of Heaven

Friday, December 23, 2011

I Will Wait Upon The Lord...

I'm learning slowly how to trust.
When God allows certain things to happen-
and you're not sure how it is going to work-
He always pulls through. I'm learning not
to take things for granted...
Thinking of the Blessed Mother and her
example. Remembering that she was frightened-
that her whole life, all the things she had
imagined for herself, disappeared with her
willingness to serve God.
However, with that willingness, God bestowed
upon her numerous gifts, and she became
what she was MEANT to be. She wanted what He
wanted, and it was right, and good- it was
beyond anything she could have ever imagined.
Please- help me to resign to Your will, O Lord.
I feel great joy within me, but great fear.
Great thankfulness-
But great want.
You bestowed upon us all the faith we will
ever need- please give me the grace to
unlock that faith, and to wait upon You.
Thank you for your gift to us.
Help us to trust.

Mary, Mother of God- pray for us!
Pray for me to be like you!


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