Pieces of Heaven

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Things I Appreciate

MY HUSBAND. His patience and loving kindness toward me through everything is amazing. I love that even when I am scared or worried, he is calm, rational and wise.

HAPPY OLD MEN. At the end of the school day today, an old man- probably in his late seventies stopped me in the hallway and was telling me about his late wife and their thirteen children. He had told me, "I married an angel when I married my wife. She was so good with the children and so good to me." He then "oooed" and "awed" over David. So sweet.

DIRTY DIAPERS. After they are changed, regardless of the mess, David is happy.

OUR DUPLEX: Having our own space: priceless.

OUR "FIRST" CHRISTMAS TREE: We bought our "first" tree this year. Yes, it is a fake tree. (Having a real tree with Charlie would be a disaster.) It's nice to have in our living room, and Joseph loves looking at the "pity" (pretty) tree with "da star."

MY FAVORITE VOLUNTEER: Well, I suppose I shouldn't have favorites. But- I had the best and sweetest old lady working in my office making copies and filing things. Thursday was her last day because she is in the early stages of Alzheimers and wanted to leave before she started making mistakes. I LOVE that lady. God sent an angel to my office, and I'm not sure how everything will get done without her- and I loved her company. I learned so much!

SURPRISES: Well...I "sort of" appreciate surprises. I'll update this more later.

WASHERS AND DRYERS: This year, my husband and I are buying a washer and dryer for each other for Christmas...and I am SO excited. It is not easy to have two babies (two BOYS at that) and not have a washer and dryer around. Come January 5th- no more visiting Mom and Dad to use them for their washing machine- which I'm sure they will appreciate.

CHRISTMAS MUSIC: I've had a difficult time getting into the "Christmas Spirit" this past month. However, I appreciate Pandora and listening to Christmas music in my office. That really helped today. I especially love the song "O Holy Night." That is my most favorite Christmas song- it always brings tears to my eyes. Maranatha- come Lord Jesus!

QUIET TIME: The boys are all asleep. When I say the boys, I mean ALL the boys: husband, Joe-Joe, David and Charlie. It gives me time to think.

If I don't get online again before Christmas, I hope everyone has a most blessed and holy Christmas and Happy New Year.

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