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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Fabulous 50

Well, I don't know how "fabulous" it will be, but I'm happy to celebrate finally writing 50 entries in this blog. When I had more time on my hands, I would write everyday in my old blog- and I kind of miss that. Its nice to see thoughts in writing. I'm hoping after next Tuesday (my last Religious Ed. class) to accomplish two things:

1. To focus on two writing pieces a month- not necessarily blogs (although I will post them here-) even though I know life will continue to get busy, I yearn to write- to have that outlet. I would like to work on a chapbook of poetry- even if its just for myself.

2. Get on the Tresdclimber three times a week- only for twenty minutes to a half hour a session. I really should be walking (no P90X while pregnant!) and I would like to spend more time walking outside once it warms up.

The challenge will be making time to do these things. I'm still going to have a lot of work to do, especially with Sacramental Prep and preparing for maternity leave- (though I'm hoping that I will be able to leave to stay home- we'll see what God wants)and family comes first.

In any case- here is a mini list of things I was thankful for yesterday:

1. Buying the correct number of ice cream cups for Religious Ed. elementary kids and teachers- and the fact that they didn't whine for MORE ice cream. They were all very gracious and loved their treats!

2. That a 10th grader I enlisted as an aide for an elementary school class wants to return to help second grade next year. This makes me SO happy. Many people told me this girl was "trouble" and to keep an eye on her. I'm so happy I listened to Jesus instead. She ended up in the Confirmation class (after not being in Religious Ed. for years) and did all the necessary work on her own to make up her 9th grade Confirmation Prep- and actively lectors when the 10th graders need to serve at a Mass. Thank you Jesus, for bringing H. into the Church again!

3. That my husband makes me laugh, even when I'm having a horrible night- and that he makes me laugh at the most ridiculous things.

4. For The Biggest Loser. That's the only show I've actually been watching now that LOST has come to an end. Not as many plot twists...:)...but fun to watch nonetheless.

5. For Joseph giving me a kiss when I came home without me asking for one! So cute.

6. That on Thursday, I will be halfway through my pregnancy.

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