Pieces of Heaven

Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday Musing

1. I'm thankful I could work from home today so I could help my hubby- (he hurt his back and could not pick up Joseph).
2.I'm thankful that I MIGHT get six altar servers for Confirmation- which means I can have incense during the Mass!
3. I'm thankful I'm not a Jedi. (Long story- to be developed at a later time!)
4. I'm thankful that my Dad re-painted the dining room "Spring Meadow Green."
5. I'm thankful for "Goodnight Moon," and that I've read it so many times, I've memorized it- I and when I recite it to Joseph, he stops crying and is mesmerized.
6. For baby kisses.
7. For husband kisses.
8. I'm thankful that my cousin finally had her baby- little Emma Eileen.
9. I'm thankful Religious Ed. classes are almost over.
10. I'm thankful my parents and sister were gone tonight and our little family had time together alone- much needed.
11. I'm thankful that this Saturday I will actually have time for a long blog post. I've been meaning to post, but life keeps getting in the way.
12. That we made it to H & R Block the other day to get our taxes filed- and that we'll be getting more back than we expected! We'll be able to pay off a credit card adn reserve some money for medical needs. Praise God.
13. I'm thankful for Confession, and for the penance the priest gave me- because I'm struggling with it. The penance was, "Ask God for something outrageous in faith." I have trouble asking for grace to make it through the day! I've been asking many things, but I don't feel like my asking is "faith filled" enough. With God's grace- I hope that my faith may increase!

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