Pieces of Heaven

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Few Good Things


1. I didn't need to worry about dinner because my sister and her boyfriend cooked a pesto feast!

2. Because I worked late last night, I went in late to work yesterday and got to spend time with Joseph and put him down for his nap and cuddle with him.

3. All of my Second Grade Parents and their kids (except for two!) showed up to our First Eucharist meeting last night.

4. It was warmer than thirty degrees and I could walk around with an open coat! Could Spring FINALLY be arriving?!

5. The Fifth Grade student I'm tutoring remembered almost everything from our last tutoring session two weeks ago and has memorized two of her prayers.

Good things to come:

SONOGRAM on Wednesday- and my Mom volunteering to watch Joseph since it's an hour long- AND the fact that Alicia will be here for the results!

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