Pieces of Heaven

Thursday, March 24, 2011



1.I was thankful for a very good and beneficial conversation.

2.For my husband's insight and encouragement.

3.For my husband's patience with a teething toddler.

4.For my two office volunteers and my office assistant.

5.That I made it to an RCIA meeting, and was able to meet the catechumen. (Even though I was exhausted and initially didn't think I would make it.)

6. That I was able to put Joseph to sleep last night and cuddle with him while I felt his baby brother moving. :)

7. That my husband attempted (and succeeded!) in giving Joseph a haircut.

8. That I had the opportunity to wear a new maternity blouse that is a bright, coral color- it helped keep me cheerful. :)

9. That when I looked at the calendar, I saw on Saturday I have a day off. The first real day off in two weeks.

10. That my mom cooked dinner last night.


  1. What a beautiful list :). I'm grateful to have you as a friend, dear.

  2. I am always so appreciate of my husband's insight as well.

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