Pieces of Heaven

Monday, April 4, 2011

Sunday Somethings

Yesterday I was thankful for: (In no particular order-)

1. People adoring my son even though he was being so LOUD during Mass.
2. J.M.'s 80th birthday and birthday party- a classy and holy man!
3. Joseph eating a pretzel stick whilst wearing a bowl on his head and a striped shirt-he looked like he came right out of the Little Rascals.
4. Red rose lollipops made by the Carmelites.
5. The UpZing! (A comfy hairclip).
7. Watching a movie with my love.
8. My husband's arms- he always knows how to hold me so I feel safe.
9. "Rose" NOT pink, colored vestments.
10. Holy Eucharist.
11. Solanus Casey. LOVE HIM.
12. 45 degree weather.
13. My dad taking care of Joseph for a while at the party so I could eat my dinner!
14. "At least I made it to 60- you don't even know if you're going to make it yet!"
15. M. watching baby so we could run to Walmart.

This morning:

A purple and blush striped sky- a love note from God for me.

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