Pieces of Heaven

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Sacred Showers

Today's good things- (so far...)

1. Sleeping in until 7:45 AM.
2. Our fluffy, old family cat, Gabriel, who has taken to following me around everywhere and insists on being held. (I suppose at age 13, he has the right to feel that way- especially with Charlie and my son constantly chasing him!)
3. A long, hot shower that helped me to unwind.
4. My Nivea "Touch of Happiness" Body Wash.
5. Silence, except for running water.
6. Time to clear my head, and to be alone.
7. My husband watching Joseph so I could take the shower.

Today's missions: (In not particular order-)

1. Finding a pregnancy yoga DVD to help my muscles relax and to help ME relax.
2. Finding time to read my book.
3. Spending time with Joe-Joe outside.
4. Grocery Shopping.
5. Hopefully having a dinner date with my love.

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