Pieces of Heaven

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Copying Machines As A Path Out Of Purgatory

1. I'm thankful for the copier in my office. It staples, makes double sided copies, scans and collates...(when it isn't jamming, running low on toner or creating some other sort of mischief-)but in all seriousness- this Lent it has acted up more than Joseph when he throws a temper tantrum. My assistant and I often say that this machine is our ticket out of Purgatory. But, I'm beginning to think this is true! (And I'm beginning to have a desire to watch Office Space.)

2. I'm thankful I purchased 400 unfilled Easter Eggs for $19.82. Thank you, Big Lots. I'm also thankful that I have four sweet volunteers who will fill those eggs.

3. I'm thankful that my boss is letting me be at home for two hours today so my husband can make it to a job fair.

4. I'm thankful for a long overdue phone call that I will have on Saturday! :)

5. I'm thankful for lotion. The Vermont winter has dried out my hands immensely, and they're just beginning to be restored to their former state.

6. I'm thankful for having time to play with Joseph after work yesterday, and that when I ask, "Joseph, where's the baby?" he says "Da baabaa???" and pats my belly.

7. I'm thankful my husband is understanding of my crazy pregnancy mood swings.

8. I'm thankful that Baby Q was kicking at work yesterday- it made me smile.

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