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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Confessions of a Wannabe Foodie on the Road to Fitness

The first year of marriage, the only thing that I really knew how to cook was scrambled eggs- and even that was debatable. Smoke and fire alarms beeping were common in my kitchen as I tried in vain to flip pancakes before they blackened. There was no attention to detail. I recall being somewhat satisfied that I had baked a Shepherd's Pie (with instant potatoes coating the top) before cutting into it and realizing it was a watery mess because I had forgotten to drain the canned corn before plopping it into the baking dish.

Long story short, it was a mess, and I knew it. And what's more, my husband knew it- but he didn't know I knew HE knew it. He very graciously ate whatever I piled on his plate with little to no comments. Browned ground beef with corn and taco seasonings became a weekly meal.

And then, one night I remembered that some optimistic soul had purchased a crock-pot for us as a wedding gift. What could be easier? I thought to myself, as I dumped in some chicken and sliced vegetables. You set the temperature, and just let it sit for eight hours. Easy and fool proof.

Wrong again.

We both came home from work, tired and exhausted (we were both teaching at the time) to find that my ingenious, fool-proof plan had been foiled. I hadn't pressed the temperature level twice, which meant that the meal never cooked. Needless to say, it was a night at Del Taco for us.

Happily, my cooking skills have grown considerably over the past three (going on four!) years, and I enjoy cooking for my husband- and he enjoys eating the food (usually). The last serious endeavor I undertook was making Rachel Ray's Mini Paella, which was glorious. I even felt exotic because I cooked with couscous.

So what's the problem? The problem is my husband and I have taken an interest in fitness and nutrition. My husband does a lot of lifting and running to train for a job in law enforcement, and I have been doing P90X to get down to my pre-pregnancy weight. (By the way, P90X is a GREAT program- love it!) We both want to eat healthier, but let's be honest, healthy food is not always palatable! I have been reading labels, reading calories, and searching websites in the attempt to find recipes that are tasty as well as nutritious- and quick to make. Having a baby and our crazy schedule does not leave much time for my culinary endeavors.

Is there anyone who has any great tips or recipes that are healthy? I would love to start a catalogue of "fit" recipes. A friend posted in her blog that "Eat This, Not That" is a great cookbook. Any other suggestions?

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