Pieces of Heaven

Friday, April 9, 2010

Going From Classroom to Lab

While trying to soothe an irritated baby who was quite indignant about going to bed, and quiet a howling cat (whom I am beginning to sincerely believe God sent me in order to help me get into Purgatory)- I began to think about how God always answers our prayers, but not always in the manner that we hope for.

For example, there are many people who pray to become more holy- to become saints or martyrs. It can be easy to offer a fervent prayer on one's knees, but when God presents the opportunity, it can suddenly become very difficult. Some become angered by it, or even try to run away from it. I call this phenomenon "going from classroom to lab."

I realize this because I was presented with several opportunities this week- and most of them occurred during my "Sacred Hours." However, I regret to say that most of them ended in what my former students would coin as "epic fails."

And then, a dear friend happened to post an amazing sermon of Facebook by St. Leonard of Port Maurice entitled, "The Little Number of Those Who Are Saved." In it, he warns that there are many Catholics/Christians who won't make it to Heaven and gives several reasons and anecdotes that illustrate how these souls fall into Hell. (I could give an entire summary here, but my words could not do it justice- I highly suggest that you read it.)

With so many souls falling into Hell, it is vital to pray for opportunities to grow in holiness- to become saints- to search for little offerings and mortifications that can be offered as a balm to soothe the Wounds of Our Lord's Sacred Heart. Why should we run away from these opportunities, when they are poured from the fountain of Our Lord's Mercy? Embrace these things- these people. Be especially kind to the person who slanders you the most. Pick litter up off the street and throw it away and offer it as a sweet flower to Our Lord.

And if you are blessed enough to have a cat that was especially sent by God in order to launch you closer to Purgatory, endure his howls and imagine that he is singing praises to God. Much easier said than done, but I know this is something that I'm going to try! God in His Infinite Mercy has given me another week, I know I'm going to try and make the best of it. What about you?