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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Womanhood Wednesday: Motherhood Musings

One of my New Year's Resolutions was to begin writing poetry again. I've always struggled writing poems in "form," but this one is okay. It is a prayer for my son, that I wrote after reading some beautiful poems that Yeats wrote for his children.

A Prayer For Joseph

(Inspired by Yeats)

Beneath the hood of the bassinet he sleeps
Lips dreaming of his bottle, he's swaddled tightly
Eyes are buttoned shut, lashes brush his cheeks.

Soft sighs drift from his tiny mouth
While he remains anchored by the weakness of
His new body, a house-

For the life-spark that blazes within.
And with every sigh, or gasp, or snore-
I leap from my bed and bend toward him.

And I think of You in Nazareth
Tiny, unable to form words You stayed
Close to your mother's breast, and wept.

God made Man and through Your pain-
You have experienced our weakness
Our frailty, Your Sacrifice- our gain.

While night envelops our house
And the stars sing Your nightly praise
Keep Joseph tucked into Your Sacred Heart
And never turn away from him Your Gaze.

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