Pieces of Heaven

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Modest is Hottest: Swimwear

Summer is just around the corner, and I've been searching for modest bathing suits. It seems like everywhere I look, the only option is to be scantily clad in a bikini- and that you end up paying for less fabric than it takes to make a real bathing suit.

I don't think so.

I'm a firm believer that even if you've got it, you shouldn't flaunt it. A lady should dress with respect for herself and for others, maintaining her beauty- and keeping an air of mystery.

Upon realizing this dilemma, on a whim I decided to google 'modest swimwear' and found this site.


Wow! I was so excited because they're cute and still leave just enough to the imagination.
I was also excited to learn that this site also sells other modest and stylish clothing. Guess
I better start saving my pennies!


  1. Cuter than burkinis :D.

    Thanks for the link -- it's an awesome site! (I love the dresses)

  2. Me too! Haha- I don't think I could pull of a burkini. ;)

  3. I just came across this blog and found it very interesting indeed.