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Thursday, April 15, 2010

My Knight

Babies are supposed to be cute. They have round faces with dimples that dent their creamy skin. Wide, innocent eyes, long lashes- soft, doughy bellies and legs with rolls upon rolls. Their giggles are contagious, and nothing brings a smile to a mother's lips like the sheer joy of watching her child sleep.

However, sometimes babies morph into little gremlins- wetting through diapers, causing fecal explosions that not only ooze out of said diaper, but travel up to the neckline of a nightie. But the worst gremlin behavior is choosing to vomit on the fresh top that you have put on after having washed up from the last vomiting episode. They will fume and cry until their little faces redden, leaving you to wonder if they are in pain or intent on causing you to have a meltdown.

Usually, my little angel belongs to the former category. However, for the past two weeks he has indulged in this 'gremlin-esque' behavior. To add to this odd behavior (complete with tantrums and hitting) he has become mobile. He's crawling (he's just about six months old) and terrorizing the cat by yanking on his fur, as well as pulling DVDs and books from their shelves and searching for electrical sockets. More than once, he has tried to wiggle his way under the recliner. He can not be left to his own devices for a fraction of a second. (Needless to say, my husband and I are going to purchase a Pack n' Play soon so we can have a few moments of peace!)

Yesterday, whilst Joseph decided to vomit for about the third time, my cell phone rang. It happened to be my husband who was at the pharmacy to pick up his medication as he was staying home from work due to an ear infection. "Do you need anything?" he asked

"What? No- yes- UGH. I don't know. Vitamins? Yes. Vitamins. UGH! BABY! Can I let you go? I love you."

My husband graciously let me go as I dealt with the mess. Joseph started wriggling and fussing, and I finally decided that it was going to be his designated nap time. After putting him down, with hair askew and covered in spit up, my husband walked through the door wearing a triumphant smile.

"I have something for you."

Just then, he pulled out a bouquet of half a dozen red roses- the most beautiful and fragrant roses I have ever seen. I stood there, dumbfounded. "What are these for?"

He only smiled and then proceeded to hand me one of my favorite chocolates.

I was not sure whether to cry or hug him, so I did both.

It was truly a 'knight in shining armor' moment. I love my husband!

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