Pieces of Heaven

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Joseph is ill with a horrible cough and a double earache, so I am staying home for the day to tend to him. He's FINALLY asleep, as is David and Fred. I hope that I can be patient for the rest of the day as I am also sick, and the doctor put me on an inhaler because I'm having trouble breathing.

Anyway- Lent starts tomorrow- another 40 day journey of sacrifice and prayer to deepen our relationship with Jesus. I've been thinking about what I should do this Lent, and came to the realization that, for me, it would be more difficult to "do" than to "give up." I think want to try and "do" a few things:

1. A SHORT Way of the Cross each night. (In the Pieta Book)
2. Make a point to make a list of what I'm thankful for. I did this
last year as well, and it really helped me to put things in perspective and
be grateful for all the many blessings that I take for granted.
3. Perhaps make time to say a rosary every Saturday.

I think #1 is something that really speaks to my heart right now. We are dealing with our own "crosses," but none are so great as the one that Christ bore. Oh, to bear a cross patiently with abandonment and LOVE- THIS is what I need to do.

2012 has been very difficult. So many times I feel like Job- that "life is a drudgery." Well, it is not a drudgery- if you do what you need to do by realizing that God wants you to use your blessings and talents to perform the task...although this has been a struggle for me to realize...

I want to be closer to His heart- and I need to let go of lamenting "why me?" and start asking, "What is Your will?" Of course, it is one thing to know this, and another to do this.

Cultivate within me a pure, loving and grateful heart, O Lord! Help me to let go of selfishness, anger, doubt and fear, and to embrace the childlike faith that will unite me to You!

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