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Friday, February 3, 2012

An Empathetic Son

It's been a rough few days. I'm sick. David's sick and teething and Joseph is getting sick. Work has been hectic and my husband has been working crazy hours- and no one has been sleeping.

Last night (and this morning) I was up with David, holding him in the recliner and feeding him a bottle "spiked" with a dose of Infant Tylenol for his teeth...I think we got up together about four times. So, when I heard Joseph crying at 5:30 AM I was not eager to start the day and brought him into bed with me to sleep.

Sometimes I let him look out the window as a distraction so I can catch five more minutes of shut-eye. This morning, I noticed him throwing the curtains back and staring out the window and thought nothing of it. I closed my eyes, knowing he would get back in bed with me.


And then he dropped a screwdriver onto my head, narrowly missing my left eye.

Apparently, DH had left his screwdriver on the floor after putting up our curtains and Joseph was trying to give it to me.

I burst into tears, not quite sure what had happened except that I thought my skull had been cracked. (I have a nice little egg on my forehead now where the screwdriver fell). I cried because of the throbbing pain, the lack of sleep, and the fact that my husband wasn't home. I cried because of the teething and the sickness and stress...everything came out.

And then I found a gentle little hand on my shoulder, rubbing me soothingly and looked over to see Joseph who said softly, "Mom-Mom, its okay, don't cry, Mom-Mom- don't cry."

And he gave me a hug.

Two years old.

I love my little guy.

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