Pieces of Heaven

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Thankful List 4 (Saturday's List)

1. I'm thankful for my sister on her birthday.
2. Thankful that David slept the majority of the day WITHOUT coughing-
poor little guy needed it!
3. Thankful that my sweet husband retrieved our dresser and Bowflex from
my parents' house- it's nice to be making our place feel more like "home"
and make it feel more organized.
4. Thankful that I had the honor of making my sister's birthday cupcakes-
chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting, topped with Andes mints and green
sprinkles- looked a lot like St. Patrick's Day, but she loved them!
5. Thankful that we "ordered in" last night.
6. Thankful that my husband covered most of the chores yesterday as I am
still healing from this virus.
7. I'm thankful that Joseph is communicating more- he has been saying, "
My butt hurts," when he needs his diaper changed. I will be MORE thankful
when he masters potty training.

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