Pieces of Heaven

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Realization...and Thankfulness

Today I'm thankful that I caught my son's pinkeye when I did. We were able to get him to the doctor, who also diagnosed him with an ear infection (apparently the ear infection is the reason for the pinkeye- the infection is draining from his eye...something I don't totally understand...) and we may have an in for him to go to the nose and throat doctor- something we've been needing to do. Though it will be an unpleasant procedure, it will tell us what has been wrong with him.

I'm thankful my Mom could come over to watch Joseph while I started several loads of laundry, wiping down the house and sterilizing bottles- as well as putting my poor David to sleep.

I'm thankful (but ashamed) that I had a realization today that I have a tendency to think negatively. Even if there is some beacon, some light shining in the blackness- I focus on darkness rather than the light. I need to change this- to trust that God will help us to carry our Crosses- this change will be a long process...

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