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Thursday, February 16, 2012


The kids (and husband) are asleep, the dishwasher is humming, the kitchen has been wiped down, and I'm typing while sitting on our new loveseat.

Yes- we finally have a loveseat and a sofa!!!


We've been married for nearly six years, and have never had a "real" loveseat or sofa. We had a futon type thing from Ikea because it was small and would fit in our tiny apartment when we lived in California. Since we had moved to Texas, and now to New England, we have constantly been pricing sets and trying to figure out how to afford it.

We finally figured out how to make it work at Christmas- a dear friend of mine, (who I happen to think is an angel) gave us a monetary gift (she shouldn't have- but I'm blessed and glad that she did!) and we started looking at stores in the area.

My husband and I had been eyeing a set at Big Lots for a long time, and today our friend said he would help us and lend us his truck so we could lug it home. He, my husband and my Dad made the trip to Big Lots, and hubby showed them the set we wanted.

Our friend, "Phil," looked at the set and told him that he had the same set at his house, and he had been trying to give it away (he wants a new set) and he would GIVE IT TO US FOR FREE. The loveseat had never even been sat on, and both pieces look brand new.


So Phil, Fred, and my Dad loaded up Phil's truck and brought over the furniture. It amazes me that Fred and I have waited so long to get a set because we were trying to save up for one, and then, out of no where, we get the set we want, FOR FREE! Still can't believe it! What an act of kindness. Our living room looks like "home" now.

And to add to the good things that have been happening, I will be able to have David in daycare part time with Joseph during the week. This is great, because he is trying to crawl and my office just does NOT have enough space for him to do so.

It amazes me that when the road becomes difficult, God always sends little beacons of light along the way to remind us of His goodness and faithfulness. Things still aren't easy- but when He sends these little consolations, it helps to remind me of His faithfulness when I'm in the dark.

Soon, I will be able to blog about what Fred and I have been going through- it's almost time. "We" are fine- but we have been undergoing an adventure- and most of it in the dark- and we haven't been able to talk about it. Looking forward to being more open soon.

Thank You Jesus for Your Love and eternal faithfulness. May we keep the "eyes of our hearts" focused on You!

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