Pieces of Heaven

Friday, February 24, 2012

Thankful (Combined List 2 and 3)

1. Thankful that my Dad and sister helped me last night when David
was ill. He was choking on his phlegm and had a barking cough- and
the doctor I spoke with thought he had croup.

2. I am grateful that when I took him to the ER, the doctor said
he did not have croup, but the nurse thought he had RSV.

3. I am thankful he does not have RSV- but just an awful cold! Hoping
he gets better soon!

4. Thankful that yesterday I called out because I was ill (still am)
but I needed the strength I gained to make it through the night.

5. Thankful that I am out today to regain strength- looking forward
to returning to work next week.

6. Thankful for a good doctor's appointment yesterday.

7. Thankful that if I have to send David to daycare, he is with Joseph.
He has a good caregiver.

8. Thankful for my sister, who has a birthday tomorrow.

9. Thankful for my husband who let me sleep this afternoon.

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