Pieces of Heaven

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ash Wednesday: I Am Thankful For- List 1

1. I am thankful that a volunteer made me leave work
today because she could see I was sick and struggling
to function- (I must have looked pretty pathetic wheezing
on my inhaler!) She even brought David and I home. I'm
laying down and resting now.

2. That Joseph slept until 6AM and did not get up AT
ALL last night...a small victory! He must be getting better!

3. That Fred did not have to work overtime.

4. That David is sleeping.

5. For our new sofa that I am lying on.

6. For my doctor appointment tomorrow.

7. For my Mom.

8. That my Dad is happy at his new job.

9. For David's laugh and beautiful eyes- helped me stay positive
at work.

10. For M.R.- an angel who goes above and beyond. I hope that someday
I can be like her.

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