Pieces of Heaven

Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday Thankfuls

1. Joseph went to sleep without much crying- THANK YOU, LORD!
2. My husband called out of work so he could recover- he needs a break.
3. That my 9th Graders did relatively well tonight at Stations of the Cross.
4. Mint Ice Cream.
5. Tomorrow is my husband's feast day- (Confirmation Name is Patrick!)
6. For Pinterest. This could become an addiction. Perhaps I should give it up for Lent before it does!
7. I had quiet time today to make a grocery list and weekly menu.
8. I'm thankful my husband watched David so I could enjoy a shower alone...sometimes when I shower I can hear Joseph on the opposite side of the door saying, "MOM-MOM??? Mooooom....MOMMMMM! What doing? Where go? MooooooooOOOOOOMM???" It was nice to have quiet!
9. I'm thankful that Charlie is sleeping. It's the only time he's quiet! I think we need to find another family for him before #3 comes. Sad...but most days it's like having another toddler. I need to find a loving home for him, and soon.
10. For F.- one of my star catechists! SO grateful for him. Hoping to talk him into being our Youth Minister. I think the kids love and respect him and he loves the Lord and will help them to grow.

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