Pieces of Heaven

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Saturday Thankfulness

1. For Joseph. The funny "angry eyes" face he makes when he thinks David is mad, his hugs, and saying "Mom-Mom, I found you!" in the grocery store. (Fred was pushing Joseph's cart and I was pushing David's- everytime I followed them into a new aisle Joseph would happily exclaim, "Mom-Mom- I found you!!!"

2. That today is my husband's day off. SO WONDERFUL. We made a menu for the week and shopped for the ingredients for this week's dinners, and had chocolate chip molten cakes after the kids went to bed.

3. For David- his laughter- and that one of the sure-fire ways to calm him down is to stroke his feet. It's the weirdest thing! He'll stick his leg up in the air while his feet are rubbed or stroked and most times he'll stop fussing!

4. That we remembered to call Dish and refuse their movie channel offer. I don't have TIME for that stuff- and those channels usually don't have the best things on them, anyway.

5. That Fred found the memory card for our phones so we can download pictures and put together a surprise photo collage for his mom- she hasn't even met David yet- it seems like we haven't been to CA in so long!

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