Pieces of Heaven

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wednesday Thankfuls

1. For dill pickles. Sometimes, they just hit the spot.
2. For leftovers.
3. That David was in a good mood today at work! Makes life in the office a lot better when he's happy.
4. Sunshine.
5. For the dishwasher- it's nice not having to do dishes by hand.
6. My husband.
7. Joseph singing "Happy Birthday to You" repeatedly.
8. That tomorrow is Thursday.
9. For my sister and her fiance coming to town on Friday.
10. For P.
11. For finding (well at least I THINK I found) a dress for my sister's wedding.
12. For lovely packages from friends for my boys- a friend made the cutest little jackets and bunting for them.

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