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Monday, March 19, 2012

He will not fail...

Today was a tough day. surprises...stress...one of those days where pulling the covers over your head and sleeping for another five hours seems like a good idea.

That being said, I have to find things to be thankful for concerning today.

I think I am thankful for a book I found last night called "Believing God." It's not a Catholic book- it's a Christian devotional- but there is one chapter that stood out to me as I flipped through the contents: "I Can Do All Things Through Christ."


All things.


The author shared some brief anecdotes, and ended them by reminding the reader that it is not God who fails us- it is we who so often fail God.

In the quiet of my room- I almost heard a small, still whisper say, "I WILL NOT fail you." A whisper that comforted my heart.

I wish I had recalled that when I was in "the thick of things" today- but I am happy that I am remembering it now. He WILL NOT fail me- oh, I pray for faithfulness!

I am also thankful that:

1. My husband fianlly saw a doctor, and that David went and was diagnosed
with an ear infection- that explains his moodiness as of late.

2. That C. came in today to help prepare things for Second Grade for next year.

3. For my parents.

4. That today is my husband's "Friday."

5. Chocolate chip cookies.

6. Joe-Joe pretending to be a cat- he is so funny! He goes around meows and acts cuddly and wants to be held. (Should i be worried?! :) ) I guess I should be thankful that he's not pretending to be a dog and barking anymore!

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